Data security and GTC

Data security and data protection

OPTI-Q agrees to treat all trade secrets as confidential and not to make them accessible to third parties. Trade secrets are defined as information that a OPTI-Q receives while fulfilling the contract and that is designated as such or recognizable as such. 

The user recognizes that Opti-Q is under no obligation to store or keep data available for an unlimited period of time. Opti-Q will store data as long as the contractual relationship is valid and for a period of six months after the contractual relationship ends. 

The user is responsible for observing all provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act in the context of using the services. The user accepts that Opti-Q electronically processes and/or uses for internal purposes customer-specific data that has become known to it as a result of this contract and that Opti-Q may also forward such data to subcontractors for this purpose. 

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