Eszter Horváth

strengthens our developer team since 2020 and enriches our work with new ideas and ingenious implementations

She studies "Data Science" at the TU-Wien. in her spare time.

Eszter Horváth

I start the day off well ...

...with a big cup of coffee.

In my work I’m inspired by ...

...knowing that the features I implement make other people's workdays easier and during the development process I always learn a lot.

I’m satisfied when ...

...I can master the software development challenges that lie ahead of me.

I recharge my batteries ...

...when I'm at home in Hungary with my family and friends.

My heart beats for ... family, our beloved cat and for music.

I hope ...

...that I always have such an interesting job with such great colleagues as I do now.

My dream is ... travel around the world and have a big, healthy family.

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