Added value


easy to use

The intelligent checklist guides you through each inspection and precisely defines what inspectors need to pay attention to. The focal point is the inspection and not generating a report. The report is generated automatically after the inspection data has been completed and published. As the quality of data automatically increases if checklists can be filled in easily, we have made iCL particularly easy to use.


saves time

All data is collected only once. This allows you to generate reports for various purposes without having to re-enter data. When preparing manual inspection lists, taking photos for reports is particularly time-consuming. With iCL, you can document questions immediately with photos, location coordinates or drawings. This data is automatically fed into the final report.



excellent data quality

The design of the checklist allows you to go into every greater detail when formulating questions. This means that the collected data continuously increases in quality. Specifying the type of answer required –such as number fields, date fields and drop-down menus – prevents faulty information and further boosts the quality of the data.


complex content

A single inspection often requires several checklists. For example, there might be separate checklists for the pipes and valves of pipelines on oil rigs. All questions can be adjusted individually to what needs to be inspected.



automatic update

Particularly in the case of technical inspections that require high safety standards, it is essential to bring all inspectors up to date as swiftly as possible. Doing so allows recently detected faults to be identified quickly and communicated to inspectors at each site with a newly adapted inspection list, for instance.



Many inspection processes involve standard inspections. With iCL you can add individual questions to each piece of equipment being tested or change existing questions. This will save you a lot of time when creating tailored checklists as you only need to copy and amend existing inspection lists.



knowledge sharing

Documenting inspection operations in day-to-day business requires a great deal of effort. Collecting data electronically enables you to store and easily pass on the knowledge of each inspector. iCL makes it possible to train new staff members quickly and transfer knowledge easily.



No matter where you conduct visual inspections, iCL can help you collect data electronically. You can also use iCL in the field, when visiting clients, for staff surveys, etc. The range of applications for the intelligent checklist is virtually endless.

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