iCL Filler


Technical Features

The iCL Filler works completely offline; you will only need an internet connection to synchronise data.

Filler Synchronisierung


If you are connected to the iCL Portal, all iWorkbook templates and tasks will be downloaded automatically, or you will receive the data via e-mail.

Filler Starten


You either start with an empty iWorkbook or a task that already includes data.

Filler Status

Display of current status

The iCL Filler always displays how many mandatory fields still need to be filled in. You can easily navigate to the individual fields in a checklist via chapters and headlines. Once all mandatory fields are filled in, you can close the iWorkbook; the data is transmitted and reports are generated automatically.

Filler Checklisten


You can work with one or more checklists in the same iWorkbook.

Filler Fragen

Question types

Yes/No, text field or number field, date, time, dropdown list, radio buttons, GPS coordinates, signature, drawings, photos, iFindings catalogues, barcode reader, audio input and many more

Certain answers immediately indicate whether the answer is rated negatively or not and whether it is a mandatory field or an optional field.

Filler Fotos


You can add photos and label them with different colours. If there are iFindings, you can allocate them directly to one or more photos and mark them with a pin directly on the photo. In addition, you can tag your photos with GPS coordinates and comments, which will be shown in the report.

Filler Findings

iFinding catalogues

Instead of checklists, you can also use iFindings (defects catalogues), which allow you to quickly and easily select a specific answer from a catalogue of answers. You can add photos, GPS coordinates and additional text to the answer you choose.

Filler Berichte


You can generate a report at any time. Depending on whether the check is completed or not, you will get either a draft or a final report.

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