iCL Reporting


Technical Features

iCL Reporting is a server solution that generates iCL reports fully automatically and subsequently distributes them to iCL Fillers, the iCL Portal or specific e-mail accounts. To make this happen, we use special document automation and data integrationdocument creation software called Dox42.

icl Report

Designing reports

To create report templates, we use Word Add-In Dox42 with a specific interface to iCL. This will enable you to use existing Word templates, link them to the iCL data and define them as an iCL report template. The report can be generated as a docx or PDF file.

Calculations and charts

To create charts and carry out complex calculations, you can include Excel sheets, define insert and result fields, which in turn can be integrated into Word reports. An Excel sheet can serve as an iCL report template.

For further details, visit www.dox42.com

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