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Stefan Nakowitsch Sure, I can drive an old piece of junk to Italy for summer holiday. My car might break down, and without air conditioning, it’ll certainly be too hot. Or I can make the trip in a state-of-the-art, air-conditioned, 200-HP luxury vehicle. That’s what it feels like to work with iCL instead of using manual checklists."
Ing. Stefan Nakowitsch, project manager for Construction Management, EHL Immobilien

What our client wanted to change
Lack of standardisation and potential sources of error

The Austrian standard ÖNORM B 1300 serves to regulate object security, that is to say it facilitates the timely identification of technical defects or potential safety hazards in real estate with the aid of numerous questions and surveys. In the past, these object security inspections involved the use of manual checklists. Inspectors were equipped with plans, documents, printed checklists, a camera and a voice recorder. Back at the office, the data was transferred by hand. The process of turning photos, voice recordings and handwritten notes into useful information took several hours for each object. For project manager Stefan Nakowitsch, an electronic checklist had to meet the following requirements: “Collecting isolated data and subsequently feeding it into the computer was one of the biggest flaws for me, and a potential source of errors. I wanted to find something that could link these separate pillars in a tablet solution that I can design flexibly, without programming skills. It was also important to us to be able to use this tool in various areas at EHL.”

How iCL is used
Object security checks and flat handovers

EHL has been using Opti-Q’s intelligent checklist for the handover of flats since 2015. In early 2016 it also started using iCL when conducting object security checks. We asked Stefan Nakowitsch how iCL has changed his work: Now, when conducting inspections, he only needs to work through each step of the checklist on his tablet, and is able to add photos directly or make notes next to his sketches. “The intelligent checklist helps me record data accurately. It lightens my workload considerably and makes it very easy to train new staff.” Once the inspection is completed, Nakowitsch is able to generate nearly finished reports at the touch of a button. The time-consuming transfer of data back at the office is now a thing of the past.

How EHL benefits from iCL  
Professionalism and quality assurance

“The high level of standardisation is particularly important to me. iCL allows me to predefine formulations, which automatically gives me higher data quality than if I’d used manual checklists. ÖNORM B 1300 is quite complex, and I’m thrilled about how clearly the information is organised using the intelligent checklist. Being able to design everything myself and adjust questions at any time is another feature that’s a great benefit in my daily work,” says Stefan Nakowitsch, summing up the advantages of iCL.

Nakowitsch particularly appreciates the seamless cooperation with Opti-Q. “Any question I have is always answered quickly and professionally. The continuous development of the software solution is strongly based on customer requests. This makes Opti-Q a valuable long-term partner for us.”

About our client
EHI Immobilien

Established in 1991, EHL Immobilien is one of Austria’s leading real estate service providers, specialising in commercial, investment and residential real estate. Its services include real estate leasing and valuation, property management, construction management, asset and centre management, portfolio management, market research and investment consulting. Its partnership with the global real estate group Savills enables EHL Immobilien to benefit from a broad international network. In 2015 EHL Immobilien brokered approximately 42,000 m² of office space and around 850 residential units (rent/sale/investment), with a total transaction volume of nearly EUR 800 million. In the rapidly growing segment of real estate valuation, the annual volume surpassed EUR 8 billion.

EHL Immobilien Management

EHL Immobilien Management is one of Austria’s leading private management companies with a current property portfolio of approximately 1.6 million m² in various asset classes. It focuses on the management of residential, office and retail real estate. In addition to conventional property management, the company’s services also include centre management, construction management and facility management.

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