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Guests rate our hotels among the best in their respective regions. We owe this success in large part to the intelligent checklist we use for quality assurance.”*
Albert Ehrenreich, owner of Ehrenreich & Cie, Hotel & Tourism Consulting GmbH


What our client wanted to change
Quality inspections with manual checklists

As a hotel and restaurant industry expert, Ehrenreich knows what’s important when it comes to quality assurance: “Our checks include three viewpoints: the Austrian hotel classification, the views of guests and the view of the company. We establish these viewpoints using mystery checks, post-stay mails and hotel checklists.” The hotels previously used manual checklists to ensure ongoing quality control. In practice, this was very cumbersome and analysing the data was extremely time-consuming. What is more, the natural fluctuations of seasonal labour result in a loss of knowledge and new staff had to be taught how to use the checklists

How iCL is used
An intelligent checklist for all areas

“We have opted for Opti-Q’s intelligent checklist because it can be adapted quickly. This allows us to continuously improve the quality standards in our hotels. Staff training takes a lot less time as the checklist is easy to use and self-explanatory. Potential language barriers are eliminated because you can also use photos to document any defects. We started using iCL in November 2014. Since then, each of our hotels has generated one report every day, which is automatically e-mailed to all decision-makers. This ensures that we always see the whole picture. As every division manager inspects his or her area and the checklist provides a clear overview of defects, all staff members automatically take on more responsibility,” says Albert Ehrenreich, summarising the benefits of iCL.

How hotels benefit
High rating scores by satisfied guests

“The three hotels where we are currently using iCL are receiving the highest scores on independent rating platforms, such as We can only achieve these rates by continuously checking and optimising quality. If we get critical comments from guests, we can adjust the checklist accordingly, replacing questions in the inspection catalogue for example,” says Ehrenreich, who is clearly satisfied with the intelligent checklist.

About our client 
Ehrenreich & Cie 

Ehrenreich & Cie develops projects and advises customers in the tourism and leisure industry. Quality assurance is a top priority, whether during pre-opening phases, in corporate management or when providing support to tourism properties, such as hotels, restaurants or leisure facilities: customers benefit from Ehrenreich & Cie’s extensive experience in advising, reorganising and developing tourism projects.

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* Hotel Josl, Hotel Valentin and Hotel Gurglhof are continuously rated by guests


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