Gasthaus Stern

“iCL makes my work a lot easier because I’m more flexible and it saves me time. For me, the intelligent checklist is the crème de la crème of software solutions. It’s an all-purpose solution and has the potential to become a classic in the future.”
Christian Werner, owner of Gasthaus Stern

Gasthaus Stern

What our client wanted to change
Greater transparency and better quality

In the restaurant business, quality – and above all the cleanliness of the dining area and kitchen – plays a major role. With 14 employees and 6 apprentices, quality control at Gasthaus Stern is becoming more and more professional. “Up until now, our staff have used manual checklists and I personally also did a lot of checks. On the whole, this involved a lot of work and I knew that we had to find a way to save time,” says Christian Werner about his motives for using the intelligent checklist.

How iCL is used
From daily checks to the inventory list

Gasthaus Stern uses Opti-Q’s intelligent checklist in three areas: for its daily cleanliness checks, weekly inspections and to keep track of its ongoing beverage inventory. Previously, Christian Werner had to pick up the inventory list or have it photographed to get access to it. Now, it is automatically sent to him by e-mail once a week. Beverages can now be ordered without delay. Defects, which, for example, necessitate the exchange of furniture, are photographed by staff and automatically integrated into the checklist.

How restaurants benefit
Better quality, more time

“iCL allows me to communicate the quality standards that are important to me as a restaurant owner to my staff without having to spend a lot of time training them.” Staff members now take the initiative and approach Werner if they notice items that should be included into the existing checklist. “We all notice how it lightens our workload. Now I’m more flexible in my daily work routine. We no longer need to convert quantities when recording wine bottles, for example. With the intelligent checklist, I gain 20 minutes every day, which benefits my family and my job,” says Christian Werner, who is very pleased with the improvements to quality and time savings made possible by iCL.

About our client
Gasthaus Stern

Christian Werner’s vision of opening a restaurant where people will come to dine day after day became a reality with Gasthaus Stern in Vienna’s district of Simmering. Together with his wife and a staff of 20, he has been managing this upscale restaurant since 2008. It draws in a mixed crowd, ranging from construction workers to bank managers – people who share a love of traditional dishes with a modern twist. For more information, go to


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